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Updated 11 Oct 2007

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mDevInf - Mobile Device Information


October 2007

Since the last release of the Mobile Device Information project, the WURFL file on which it depends has grown. This can cause mDevInf to become stuck at the splash screen due to lack of sufficient memory.

Please see the updated installation and build instructions for more information.

mDevInf has now been downloaded almost 10000 times and is in use in a large number of organisations and businesses around the world. However, no donations to the project have yet been received! If you use mDevInf then please consider making a donation via the "Support this project" button on the left side of this page.

Project mission

The Mobile Device Information project provides a relatively easy way to view, search and edit information from the WURFL mobile device information database (See the WURFL home page for more details).


The project is developed and maintained by Jim McLachlan, a software consultant specialising in Java projects for mobile devices (primarily J2ME™ clients with J2EE™ back-ends).

Part of the consultancy work undertaken by Jim has been the education of clients to the limitations of the cross-platform nature of Java on mobile devices. There are a few questions that clients regularly ask, for example:

  • "Is the <mobile device> MIDP-1.0 or MIDP-2.0 compliant?",
  • "How many different MIDP-2.0 devices are there?" and
  • "Which MIDP-1.0 handsets are capable of sending SMSs?".

As part of Jim's recent commercial web site (ossmobile) development, a need for some "rich content" was identified, content that would be useful to both consumers and developers.

mDevInf is useful to anyone who wants to know more about their device(s).

How does it all work?

The application is comprehensively documented.

Installation and build instructions can be found here

The User Guide can be found here

The Java source code is also fully documented.

Do I have to download and install one of these files?

No. There is now a version available that uses Java Web Start. Providing you have the Java Runtime environement installed (version 1.5 or newer), you should be able to run the application by clicking on this link for the Web Start version of mDevInf

Consultancy and Support

I have had several requests for features and/or changes to mDevInf. I have therefore decided to offer professional consultancy and support. If you would like specific additions, or if you require support or assistance with the application, please contact Jim McLachlan to discuss your needs.


If you decide that you would like to make a technical contribution to the Mobile Device Information project, please contact me.

If you do not have the time or resources to contribute, but you use the application (especially if it's saving you time and money), please consider donating to the development of the project. The Support This Project button provides an easy and convenient way to contribute as little as $5.00.

SourceForge will also benefit by taking a small portion of the donation for the hosting services they provide to me.

The name, e-mail address and homepage URL of anyone who makes a donation can be added to the About... dialog, should they wish it:

About... dialog with supporters listed
About... dialog with supporters listed

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