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mDevInf - Mobile Device Information

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User Agents Tab

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This tab provides an alternative way of searching the WURFL data for a device and it's associated information.

Instead of specifying the make and model, you need to provide part (or all) of the User Agent string that a devices passes to a server as part of it's HTTP request headers.

The "Real devices only?" check box indicates whether the results contain only real User Agent strings or whether it should include all the intermediate/fallback devices. It is unlikely that you would uncheck this box unless you were debugging the WURFL file.

The search field is case sensitive, so entering "nokia66" for example, produces no results. However entering "Nokia66" (with the capital 'N') identifies several devices:

Nokia66 User Agent substring matches

"Nokia66" User Agent substring matches

As with the Results tab, the devices are selectable, with a selection causing the population of the Device and Relationships tabs. Notice from the screen shot below that the asterisks (*) are once again displayed on the tabs to show that updates have occurred.

Selected  Nokia 6650

Selected "Nokia 6650"

Device page for the Nokia 6650

Device page for the Nokia 6650

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