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mDevInf - Mobile Device Information

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The following options are available from the mDevInf menus:

  • Select Patch Files... - Select the patch files to load. Using this option, you can see the patch files that are available to mDevInf and activate/deactivate them as necessary. Changes to the patch file selections will result in the WURFL data being reloaded.
  • Consolidate...
    • WURFL... - Create a single new wurfl.xml file from the currently loaded data. Please note that the file generated by this option has not yet been fully checked for consistency/completeness. You have been warned!
    • Patch file... - Create a single new patch file from the currently loaded data. Any items that have been patched in the current session - either through loaded patch files or user edits - will be consolidated into a single new patch file.
  • Exit - Terminates the application.
  • Clear Search Results - This option clears the content of the Results tab.
  • Clear User Agent Results - This option clears the content of the User Agents tab.
  • Validate WURFL - This option checks the data that has been read from the WURFL file and displays a windows showing the results of the various checks.
  • WURFL Information... - Information from the WURFL XML file that is currently being used, including version details, authors, maintainers, contributors and the WURFL statement.
  • About... - Information about the mDevInf application, including version details and names of any contributors/supporters.
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